Working at iVertique, is more than just a job—it’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. The talent and passion of our people is crucial to our success. We make each day great – together. We create an exciting work atmosphere with a culture focused on family, fun, community. We make incredibly good and delicious, fresh high-quality food daily, resulting in what many call a cult-like following around the world.

  • We go out of our way to ensure that every experience is a memorably positive representation of our culture.

  • We hire leaders that are excited about and committed to championship performance, remarkable hospitality, and active personal growth.

  • We design, build and maintain the most engaging, thoughtful, safe and clean environments for our teams to work in and our guests to gather in.

Clients are at the heart of iVertique’s business. Everything we do is designed to empower them so that they can achieve their goals and stay a step ahead.

The past, obviously, is our history. It has been the vehicle that has carried us to this moment. As we look forward in this new year and the opportunities our history offers to honour the past and inspire the future. we thought we‘d share the success with you.

In our business, people make all the difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit, motivate and retain the right people to help grow your business, and we relentlessly focus on refining coaching, training methods, analytical tools and incentives.

Keeping our employees happy in the workplace, makes us stronger, unwavering force within industry. We know the rewards people really want, from the hottest travel destinations, to their favourite retailers for gift cards.



Great opportunity to work with Aegis Customer Support Service Private Limited

Time to start the job search? iVertique is hiring! Dont pull it off until next week and take a look at the job description to start your search. We provide you the best job opportunity available in Lucknow. Here is an excellent chance to give your career a dynamic growth.


  • High proficiency in English grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Fluency in speech – Ability to hold a conversation with ease and minimal use of fillers.
  • Clarity in speech – Neutral accent, appropriate rate of speech, pleasant voice and confident tone.
  • Listening skills – Comprehend what is said, respond appropriately without interrupting the speaker.


  • Telephone etiquette – basic call handling skills.
  • Customer service skills (persuasion, empathy, helpfulness & positive attitude)
  • Good business communication skills
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Job Responsibilities :-

  • Coaching, inspiring and motivating a lead generation team.
  • Ensuring the team meets the daily lead generation target.
  • Team development, and performance management.
  • A good understanding of the market dynamics in the respective sector.
  • Developing strategies to guarantee success and growth.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships within the team.
  • Disciplined use of CDMS system, communication and customer management.
  • Handling customer complaints and enquiries.
  • Monitoring random calls for quality assurance.
  • Forecasting and analyzing sales data.
  • Regular reporting of KPIs to ASM/Head
  • Keeping to targets and managing KPIs.

Requirements for the role:

  • Telesales team handling experience at least 2- 3 years
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks at any given time.
  • Target Oriented.
  • Experience in Stakeholder Management

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As the Manager, you will be responsible for the business growth, team performance and progression, and operational efficiency of a mid-sized in-house team as well as a large community of freelancers.

As a manager in the operations division, you will need to develop a strong understanding of the academic business decisions for your team. It will be your responsibility to build resources and implement the necessary processes for your team to meet all client requirements and delivery deadlines.


  • Analysing and responding to client feedback and ensuring satisfactory resolution of complaints
  • Efficiently managing delivery operations and meeting targets set by the organisation for operational excellence
  • Managing the performance and growth of team members
  • Exploring opportunities to improve the teams business

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Job Description :
Project manager to drive programs from initiation to closure phase.
Managing all the streams under program and do overall impact analysis to control changes to projects.
Involved in scope management, cost estimation, schedule estimation, resource loading, also part of internal and external quality audits.
Responsible for creation of project plan, defining critical milestones, creating project baseline documents, monitoring deviations and taking controlling measures.
Monitoring profit margins and revenue assessment for strategic engagement
Responsible for stakeholder communication, attending Project review board meetings for representing updates on project periodically.
Vendor management and coordination to track contractual obligations
Involved in risk analysis, prioritization and creation of risk mitigation plan.

Candidate Requirement : –

  • Database: Oracle 12c, Oracle 10g, Oracle9i, SQL Server 7.0/2000.
  • Languages: SQL, Java, HTML, Java Script, Oracle SQL/PLSQL.
  • Developer Tools: PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator.
  • Web Server: IBM Websphere, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, IIS Server.
  • Technology Hands-ON is a MUST along with Project Management.
  • Ability to create Management dashboard and reconciliation reports

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