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iVertique has started operating as a small web design & development agency, based in Texas, USA. Over the last few years we’ve made a reputation for building websites that look great and are easy-to-use. We offer specialized, highly customized Web & Software solutions for small and medium sized businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Using state-of-the art design tools, marketing gimmicks, and a knowledge of various coding styles we will build your web and e-commerce presence and stick around to maintain and expand as needed.
We also have iVertique Store Powered by Amazon with thousands of items in our product range from software, to ink and toners, business equipment, batteries, speakers, cables and adaptors, you can always find what you need! And if you can’t just shoot us an email at [email protected] and a member of our sales team will do their best to track it down for you!
If you like what we do, and think we could work together, then get in touch or launch our project planner.

Who Is iVertique

The promoters share a common vision to provide Best-in-Class Corporate Services to clients all over the world. Since the industry is highly people driven, we believe in providing equal prospect and exceptional infrastructure and work environment to all employees, thereby improving the work atmosphere and competence level to serve Clients better. Our mission is to develop and maintain customer relationships by providing the best prices, quality products and outstanding service in every way possible way.
“Reflecting Your Company Desire”.
As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, incessant self-improvement, and reciprocated respect. We are committed to our clients and partners and have a passion for new technologies. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and pushy for the highest quality. Our Motto is “Provide the big values on time and under budget”. We convey what we promise.
We understand every company has a unique requirement when it comes to web designing. Where our responsibility is to project that uniqueness, and make the website stand out from its competition. Contrasting a run-of-the-mill website designing we make it a spot to convey a distinguishing look to your website. Our web designing experts ensure that your website is search engine friendly according the googles’ parameter, aesthetically appealing and user friendly.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 90
Graphic Design 85
Video Editing 75


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