What is all about “Logo Design” – the Fundamental Building Block of a Successful Brand and companies.
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A logo is the first intuitive connection made between a business and a potential customer. It should make an emotional connection, convey a personality and appeal to the sensibilities of the target audience. Simply put, it should be memorable. This first connection speaks volumes about how your business is perceived, so a unique, positive and intriguing first impression is crucial. Not only does a successful logo design answer who you are and what you do, but it also communicates more subtley, through concept and styling, whether your business is modern and progressive, traditional and conservative, creative and off-beat or somewhere inbetween.

One of the most common mistakes in logotype design is to be overly complicated. Simplicity is key. A logo must function well in a variety of sizes and media while remaining easily recognizable and legible. The styling should suit your business personality, be cohesive with your overall brand and be appropriate for your target audience. However, a logo is still only one piece of a more complex puzzle. Trying to throw every bell and whistle into what should be a simple and clever design can backfire. Rather than communicating every minutia of a business, it instead says that your business is unfocused and unclear in it’s objectives. In other words, your business has an identity crisis. One of the key factors that differentiates you from your competitors is your branding image, so be simple, distinctive and bold.

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