Take control of your IP telephone exchange

We provide VOIP software based on open standards suitable for popular IP phones and SIP trunks, both locally and in the cloud.
It is a complete unified communications solution with web conferencing, presence, softphones, smartphone clients and more – without the cost and complex management of an old-fashioned telephone exchange or the constraints of a shared telephone exchange in the cloud.

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“Reflecting Your Company Desire”.
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Affordable, easy to install and manage

Its can be used up to 8 simultaneous calls. For larger installations you pay a low price annually . You are completely free at the installation of software and thus decide which SIP trunks or IP phones you want to use. This way you can save thousands of euros a year. Software can be installed in just a few minutes – in the cloud with PBX or using the Local Installation Wizard.

  • Plug and play configuration of phones, gateways & SIP trunks
  • No licenses per extension
  • Save thousands of euros with a SIP trunk of your choice
  • Download the free PBX Edition for up to 8 simultaneous conversations

Local – on device or virtualisation

You decide where to run software, for example, on an existing Hyper-V or VMware server. Smaller systems can also run on inexpensive PBX equipment from Intel NUC , Shuttle, Zotac Zbox and Gigabyte . Simply move your telephone exchange to another server or to the cloud, using the built-in backup and restore functionality.

  • Virtualize with VMware or Hyper-V
  • Easy scalable installation
  • Turn on an affordable mini PC

In the cloud – with your preferred provider

Whether you choose locally or in the cloud – you have control. You can host the software with popular cloud providers with standard Linux VPS. Pay a low monthly payment by telephone exchange instead of high price per extension and stay away from long-term contracts. Or hand over the work to our software hosting partner .

  • Host yourself with Google, Amazon, OVH and others
  • In a few minutes your own PBX
  • Easy switching of cloud provider with backup and recovery

Join iVertique – The fastest growing PBX Vendor

iVertique is the developer of this PBX software, a Unified Communications solution complete with integrated WebRTC technology for hassle-free web conferencing without the need to download additional plugins or clients. The software-based, open standards platform which innovates communications and replaces proprietary PBXs.
We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join us.